Cerber Distribution Site :: citointechnologiesalefor.top

Host Information

Cerber Distribution Site:citointechnologiesalefor.top
Threat:Distribution Site
Host Status:offline
Blacklist check:Spamhaus DBL:Not Listed
 SURBL:Not Listed
Domain Registar:Eranet International Limited
Firstseen (UTC):2017-03-15 08:47:06
Lastseen (UTC):never

Associated IP addresses

The table below shows all ip addresses (e.g. A records) associated with this Cerber Distribution Site. In case the host is a domain name, the table also shows a history of previous A records if there are any.

Active (?This row indicates whether the domain name's A record is currently pointing to an IP address or whether the record is historic (e.g. because the A record has been moved to a different IP address).

yes = Active A record
no = Historical record
Firstseen (UTC)Lastseen (UTC)IP addressHostnameSBLAS numberAS nameCountry
no2017-03-15 08:47:062017-03-22 01:01:43104.199.9.203203.9.199.104.bc.googleusercontent.comNot listedAS15169GOOGLE - Google Inc., US- United States (US)
no2017-03-27 01:04:282017-03-28 01:11:3735.166.163.174ec2-35-166-163-174.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.comNot listedAS16509AMAZON-02 - Amazon.com, Inc., US- United States (US)
no2017-03-26 16:03:162017-03-26 22:10:3247.88.159.57Not listedAS45102CNNIC-ALIBABA-CN-NET-AP Alibaba (China) [...]- Singapore (SG)
no2017-04-05 12:29:512017-05-02 01:12:1952.37.58.18ec2-52-37-58-18.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.comNot listedAS16509AMAZON-02 - Amazon.com, Inc., US- United States (US)
no2017-03-25 01:03:412017-03-26 16:00:1654.145.185.110ec2-54-145-185-110.compute-1.amazonaws.comNot listedAS14618AMAZON-AES - Amazon.com, Inc., US- United States (US)
no2017-03-30 01:15:052017-04-05 12:26:2554.149.101.37ec2-54-149-101-37.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.comNot listedAS16509AMAZON-02 - Amazon.com, Inc., US- United States (US)
no2017-03-23 01:04:55never69.90.132.93ip-69-90-132-93.chunkhost.comNot listedAS13768PEER1 - Peer 1 Network (USA) Inc., US- United States (US)
no2017-03-24 01:02:55never82.199.134.150Not listedAS201011NETZBETRIEB-GMBH, DE- Switzerland (CH)

# IPs found: 8 (max. 25)

Dropped files

Latest 100 files (malware samples) dropped by this distribution site.

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