Ransomware Tracker offers feeds for Hosting- and Internet Service Providers, as well as for national CERTs / CSIRTs, Law Enforcement Agencies and other interested parties. The available feeds are described below. Unlike the blocklists provided by Ransomware Tracker, all feeds referenced below are being generated in real time whenever you hit it. Please be advised that it is recommended to not fetch any feed more often than once every 5 minutes.

Plain-text feeds (CSV)

Below is a list of available plain-text feeds.

In addition to the CSV feeds above, you can generate a CSV feed for a custom country code or AS number. You can generate such a CSV feed using the form below.

Enter an AS number: (e.g. AS1234)

Enter a Country Code: (e.g. DE)

RSS feeds

No RSS feeds are available at the moment.

Terms Of Use

As for all abuse.ch projects, the use of the feeds mentioned above is free for both commercial and non-commercial usage without any limitation. However, if you are a commercial vendor of security software/services and you would like to integrate data from Ransomware Tracker into your products / services, I would appreciate if you could give me a short heads up using the contact form.

abuse.ch is not responsible for any false positives caused by Ransomware Tracker, nor is abuse.ch liable for any harm that may be caused by the use of Ransomware Tracker. All data comes with absolutely no warrenty and is provided on a best effort basis only.