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Locky Distribution Site:ssivendorinformation.com
Threat:Distribution Site
Host Status:offline
Blacklist check:Spamhaus DBL:Not Listed
 SURBL:Not Listed
Firstseen (UTC):2016-12-05 10:27:09
Lastseen (UTC):never

Associated IP addresses

The table below shows all ip addresses (e.g. A records) associated with this Locky Distribution Site. In case the host is a domain name, the table also shows a history of previous A records if there are any.

Active (?This row indicates whether the domain name's A record is currently pointing to an IP address or whether the record is historic (e.g. because the A record has been moved to a different IP address).

yes = Active A record
no = Historical record
Firstseen (UTC)Lastseen (UTC)IP addressHostnameSBLAS numberAS nameCountry
yes2018-12-21 07:27:542019-09-14 07:26:2752.18.2.182ec2-52-18-2-182.eu-west-1.compute.amazonaws.comNot listedAS16509AMAZON-02 - Amazon.com, Inc., US- Ireland (IE)
yes2018-12-21 07:27:542019-09-14 07:26:2752.27.255.32ec2-52-27-255-32.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.comNot listedAS16509AMAZON-02 - Amazon.com, Inc., US- United States (US)
yes2018-12-21 07:27:542019-09-14 07:26:2652.3.64.143ec2-52-3-64-143.compute-1.amazonaws.comNot listedAS14618AMAZON-AES - Amazon.com, Inc., US- United States (US)
no2016-12-05 12:15:442018-12-20 07:26:3650.241.161.22750-241-161-227-static.hfc.comcastbusiness.netNot listedAS7922COMCAST-7922 - Comcast Cable Communicati[...]- United States (US)
no2017-03-31 01:21:302018-12-20 07:26:3567.205.14.20hairgum.co.nzNot listedAS26347DREAMHOST-AS - New Dream Network, LLC, U[...]- United States (US)

# IPs found: 5 (max. 25)

Dropped files

Latest 100 files (malware samples) dropped by this distribution site.

Firstseen (UTC)MD5 hashFilesizeVTSignature
2016-12-05 12:14:19b83ae1ba2921a54156ce928af7f3b4cd180'224 bytesVirustotal results 21/59 (35.59%) # Not authorized

Unique dropped files: 1