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IP Information

IP address:
AS number:AS16371
AS name:ACENS_AS (Spain) Hosting, housing and VPN services, ES
Country:- Spain (ES)
Spamhaus SBL:Not listed

Associated Ransomware Infrastructure

The table below shows all Ransomware infrastructure that is associated with the IP address

Firstseen (UTC)HostActive (?This row indicates whether the domain name's A record is currently pointing to an IP address or whether the record is historic (e.g. because the A record has been moved to a different IP address).

yes = Active A record
no = Historical record
2017-10-06 11:28:15felixsolis.mobinoHosting Concepts B.V. dba OpenproviderDistribution SiteLocky
2017-09-19 14:18:35felixsolis.mobinoHosting Concepts B.V. dba OpenproviderDistribution SiteLocky
2016-12-20 19:27:39macoinservicios.comyesMESH DIGITAL LIMITEDDistribution SiteLocky
2016-08-22 16:27:39www.comefri.esyesDistribution SiteLocky

Ransomware infrastructure associated with this IP address: 4