Ransomware Nameserver :: ns3.nameserver.net.au

Nameserver Information

Registrar:VentraIP Wholesale
Blacklist check:Spamhaus DBL:Not Listed
 SURBL:Not Listed

Associated domain names

The table below shows all associated Ransomware domain names known by Ransomware Tracker that are currently being resolved by this nameserver.

Active (?This row indicates whether the domain name's delegate NS record is currently pointing to this nameserver or not (e.g. because the NS record has been removed or the DNS delegation moved to a different nameserver).

yes = Active NS record
no = Historical NS record
HostFirstseen (UTC)Lastseen (UTC)RegistrarThreatMalware
yesapachost.com2016-07-28 12:20:092016-11-01 08:17:53SYNERGY WHOLESALE PTY LTDDistribution SiteLocky
yesphotronlamp.com2017-09-21 01:43:232019-10-16 06:51:03PLANETDOMAIN PTY LTD.Distribution SiteLocky

# of Ransomware domains resolved by this nameserver: 2