Ransomware Nameserver :: ns4.dns.com

Nameserver Information

Registrar:n/a (?Ransomware Tracker was not able to determine the sponsoring Registrar of this domain name because the Registry either does not reveal this information in the whois or because the Registry doesn't offer a whois service.)
Blacklist check:Spamhaus DBL:Not Listed
 SURBL:Not Listed

Associated domain names

The table below shows all associated Ransomware domain names known by Ransomware Tracker that are currently being resolved by this nameserver.

Active (?This row indicates whether the domain name's delegate NS record is currently pointing to this nameserver or not (e.g. because the NS record has been removed or the DNS delegation moved to a different nameserver).

yes = Active NS record
no = Historical NS record
HostFirstseen (UTC)Lastseen (UTC)RegistrarThreatMalware
yeskumei.net2017-10-27 02:04:382019-12-08 01:07:05ENAME TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.Distribution SiteLocky
yesezimu.com2017-10-27 01:22:042019-12-08 03:37:44ENAME TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.Distribution SiteLocky
yesnuoque.com2018-10-24 01:50:292019-12-08 01:48:48HICHINA ZHICHENG TECHNOLOGY LTD.Distribution SiteLocky
yeswudiai.com2017-11-10 01:05:462019-12-08 07:23:44ENAME TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.Distribution SiteLocky
novqing.cn2017-10-30 01:13:042018-06-30 03:31:09上海福虎信息科技有限公司Distribution SiteLocky
no3.ihenan.com2017-10-27 01:55:572018-03-28 02:24:52ENAME TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.Distribution SiteLocky
notaotao500.cn2019-06-20 05:59:142019-07-14 05:59:21WEST263 INTERNATIONAL LIMITEDDistribution SiteLocky

# of Ransomware domains resolved by this nameserver: 7